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Environmentalism Over The Next Four Years

Posted by davidrosslevy , 27 January 2017 · 700 views

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To be clear, this entry is not meant to be an analysis or critique of the new administration's environmental policies. ProTrails is not a political website - our mission is to showcase amazing hiking trails and wilderness destinations across the country, and provide the information you need to plan and maximize your time in the outdoors.
We hope our emphasis on the ecology, biology, geology and history instills a deeper interest in these places, and in turn encourages responsible stewardship, volunteerism and support for public lands.
Undoubtedly, the next four years will roll back progress made on climate change, protection for sensitive habitats and budgetary support for the NPS, EPA (etc), among many things critical to environmental management and protection. Yes, it's utterly disheartening and unnerving. To say the very, very least. 
Though this will be a trying time with many setbacks, we as individuals and as a community of 'those who care and accept science' can still make a difference, and ultimately, progress. So how can we make a difference now?
-The three Rs have never been more important. Take it to the next level, and advocate the benefits of these practices in the community.
-Donate a little! Funds will certainly be cut, but we can offset some losses with community support.
-Volunteer! Fund reduction means staff reduction. We can offset critical human resource losses by giving back a little time to public parks and lands.
-Vote in local elections. Many of us have political fatigue right now, and that's totally understandable. But these sometimes overlooked elections can have a far greater impact on public lands, open space and environmental regs than federal results.
-Join community groups. Quietly applauding causes and the people behind them is not enough. Getting involved will, among many other desirable results, quantify support for these initiatives in potential votes - a proven way to sway politicians.
-Support companies that demonstrate strong environmental values and practices. Federal regulations may be lifted, but consumers can speak loudly with their wallets and influence corporate behavior.
-Teach. Youth education is key to instilling environmental awareness and appreciation.
No doubt, these next four years will be tough for supporters of a healthy environment. But our collective actions will ultimately define the planet we inhabit more than any under-informed individual with a pen.

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