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The basic requirements of water for beer brewing

Posted by tiantai , 04 July 2016 · 652 views

1.The water for beer brewing need colorless and transparent,without precipiate. Otherwise it will influence wort transparency, so the beer will turbid and precipiation.
2.The taste should be refreshing,and smell is neutral.,odorless when heating the water reach 20-50℃. If it is salty,bitterness,astringency will not be adopted.
3.The salt content in the water should be in the level of 150-200mg/L.If the salt content is higher,it will result in rough taste and bitter of beer.
4.Ph value between 6.8-7.2, slightly alkaline or slightly acid will make saccharification more difficult and poor beer taste.
5.Organics oxygen consumption in the water(for example KMnO4), the organics content lower 3mg/L, the water has beer seriusly contaminated if higher than 10mgL.
6.Hardness in the lower level of 5.706mmol/L if we produce light color beer. If we produce more concentrate color beer, the level of hardness can be increased.
7.The content of iron ion should lower the level of 0.3mg/L.
8.Ammonium salt should not be existed in the water, if so the water will unclean, in the limit of 0.5mg/L
9.The chorlide content in the level of 20-60mg/L is suitable.
10.The silicate content require lower the level of 30mg/L,.If the level higher than 50mg/L, wort will turbid and shape into micelles, even influence the process of yeast fermentation and beer filtration.
11The total quantity of bacterial need meet the standard of drinking water.
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